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Abstract Curved Bar Pendant Necklace w Lab Grown Diamonds on 14k Yellow Gold Adjustable Chain

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 adjustable length chain

 EF VS XXX lab grown diamonds

 perfect quality stones

approx 1.75 ct

Our Quality Control Standards

As jewelry designers and multigenerational craftsmen, we work with a set of standards that we always strive to meet or exceed.

Diamonds are always colorless (D-E-F color) when using lab grown diamonds, and at minimum near colorless (G-H color) when using earth grown / mined diamonds. Our stones are clear to the naked eye (VS+ with lab grown diamond and SI with natural diamonds), and feature only the most exceptional cuts (standard is "XXX Excellent").

Our stock mountings are at a minimum 14 karat gold, although we very often opt for 18 karat gold or platinum - depending on the application of the design.

Custom made rings are almost exclusively made of platinum.

This is our art.

We hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoy making it!

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